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The RNT Transformation Scorecard will comprehensively assess whether you’re ready to begin your Journey against the 3 Transformation Keys required to succeed. In order to secure your place in our next intake, you will need to take our test first.

The scorecard will measure you against the 3 Transformation Keys required to succeed, which we’ve discovered from helping to transform 2000+ lives across 20+ countries


The degree to which you can commit to the process on a daily basis will dictate your transformation. You will need to instal non-negotiables into your day and stay true to them when life throws obstacles and challenges at you. The scorecard clearly rates how committed you are to transform yourself, and will test how strong your why is.


To learn how to build the right structure, systems and strategies that make up your unique lifestyle solution, you need to be open minded, willing to learn, and be coachable to new ideas and ways of thinking. Your ability to check in with a coach and be held accountable will be a direct correlation to your transformation.


The ability to be ruthlessly consistent over a long period of time is what separates those who get into great shape before undoing all their hard work, and those who stay in the shape of their life, for life. This requires a change in thinking from short term quick fixes, to embracing the long-term journey that a true transformation encompasses.

Uncover whether you’re ready to use the physical as the vehicle

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30 questions to enhance your ability to transform.
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Find out whether you have the commitment, coachability and consistency required to transform. 100% free of charge with no strings attached.

Personalised Transformation Report

Once your score has been calculated, you will receive a bespoke report outlining specific actions for improving your score in each of the Transformation Keys.

Experience the life changing benefits of a transformation.


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“The results have been amazing, the proof is in the pudding with how I look and feel. There’s no stopping me now, this is only the beginning.”"
Sital Nakarja, Working Mother Of Two

Improve Your Self Confidence

"Before I started with RNT I didn't feel comfortable with the way I look. Now I walk on the beach freely and I'm so happy with how I look. It's pushed me to do more in all areas of life!""
Shyam Kotecha, Busy City Executive
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